Oct 17, 2010

Phillies vs. Giants: A Historical Perspective

The Phillies and Giants are two of the oldest franchises in the game. Neither of them have their franchise roots where they now reside with the Phillies migrating over from Worcester before the 1883 season and the Giants making the long trek west from New York before the 1958 season. Let's see how these franchises connect as they square off in their first ever playoff series.

Hall of Famers that Played for Both Franchises: Dave Bancroft, Dan Brouthers, Roger Connor, Hack Wilson, Steve Carlton, Tim Keefe,

Common Retired Numbers:
36 (Robin Roberts, Gaylord Perry), 42 (Jackie Robinson)

Surly Superstars: Phillies: Steve Carltonhad a polcy not to speak to reporters. Barry Bonds had a recliner in the locker room to avoid speaking to teammates.

Ex-Phillies who Will be Booed: Pat Burrell, Aaron Rowand

Seasonal Heartbreak Comparison: Phillies: 1964, blew 6.5 game lead with 12 to play; Giants: 1993, 8 game losing streak in mid-September to lose the lead to the Braves, fought back to finish one back with 103 wins.

Postseason Heartbreak Comparison: Phillies: 1993 World Series, blew 14-9 lead in 8th in game 4 and 6-5 lead in 9th in clinching game 6; Giants: 2002 World Series, blew 6-1 lead in 8th in game 6, went on to lose game 7 behind subpar performance by Livan Hernandez

Best Player Comparison: Phillies: Mike Schmidt, gold glove 3rd baseman, 548 HR, 147 OPS+; Giants: Willie Mays, gold glove CF, 660 HR, 155 OPS+

Last .400 Hitter
: Phillies: Ed Delahanty in 1899; Giants: Bill Terry in 1930

Last 50 HR Hitter: Phillies: Ryan Howard in 2006; Giants: Barry Bonds in 2001

Last 1.000 OPS Player
: Phillies: Ryan Howard in 2006; Giants: Barry Bonds in 2004

Number of times threatened to be moved to St. Petersburg, FL
:Phillies: none; Giants: at least two

Best Stadiums
: Philies: Citizen's Bank Park, Connie Mack Stadium; Giants: AT&T Park, Polo Grounds

Worst Stadiums: Phillies: Veterans Stadium, Baker Bowl; Giants: Candlestick Park, Seals Stadium

Best Attire for a Summer Game
: Phillies: Shorts, T-Shirt, Baseball Cap, Sunglasses; Giants: Pants, Sweatshirt, Winter Coat, Winter Hat, Baseball Cap

Best Food I've Eaten at Their Stadiums: Phillies: Funnel Cake; Giants: Tri-tip Carvery Sandwich

Best Franchise Manager: Phillies: Charlie Manuel?; Giants: John McGraw

Worst Owner
: Phillies: William Cox (gambling debts forced him to sell the team in two years) Giants: Horace Stoneham (moved team to SF)

Strange Moments in the Stadium: Phillies: Kiteman,need I say more?; Giants: Stu Miller getting blown off the mound for a balk at the all-star game

The No-Hitter Connection:: Both the first and last no-hitters by the Phillies at the Vet were thrown against the Giants: Terry Mulholland in 1990 and Kevin Millwood in 2003

There, of course, will be a new connection forged as the series moves forward. It is time for the playoffs to ratchet up their intensity with the two best teams in the NL of 2010.


Jim said...

Don't forget about Hall of Famer Joe Morgan. He sure wouldn't let you forget about him, if given the chance.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Ex Phils booed? I'd say Burrell - yes, Rowand - no.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Outfielders Garry Maddox, Gary Matthews, and Ollie Brown also played for both teams.