Oct 1, 2010

Swapping Cards: A Trade with the Rhubarb Runner

Rhubarb Runner (aka Dave) from the blog e rayhahn, rayhahn contacted me about doing a team for team deal. This fit right into the phase 2 of the Phillies project plus other Phillies I have been trying to acquire. Here are some highlights.

2008 Topps Opening Day Puzzle Ryan Howard (2 cards): I love puzzles, as evidenced by all the completed puzzles that are hanging around my apartment. These were the two pieces that focused on Ryan Howard....I wonder what the rest looks like...and how easy would it be to display it?
1998 Score Gregg Jefferies: 1998 was the last year of Score. I always liked Score because it had the most informative card backs (at least post-1993). With career stats (including OBP and SLG), splits, fielding stats, and a blurb, this card back is packed with reading material.
1998 Score Scott Rolen: Scott was the unanimous NL Rookie of the Year in 1997 and was a fan favorite...for a little while.
2010 Topps Heritage Jayson Werth, 1982 Topps Foil Sticker Manny Trillo,1993 Cracker Jack mini Grover Cleveland Alexander: Check out the size differential in these cards. The Cracker Jack mini is even smaller than an Allen and Ginter mini. Alexander is best known for the moment when he struck out Tony Lazzeri in the 1926 World Series for the Cardinals and is really, the first superstar pitcher the Phillies get away in their prime (they had already given away Nap Lajoie on the hitter's side).

I also love stickers for some odd reason. Foil was popular in the '80s, who knew?

Also, after watching all the games this season, it's strange to see Werth without that all-encompassing beard. Sports Illustrated described it perfectly in the article on Werth in the August 23 issue, like a wild animal type critter covering his face.

1971 Topps Barry Lersch: This is one of the difficult to find 1971 Topps high number series. I only need two more for the Phillies team set.
1971 Topps Byron Browne: Amazing, an action shot on a pre-1972 card. Though this is probably posed. Browne was a backup outfielder for a few years in the NL.

1971 Topps Jim Bunning: This is the HOF pitcher at the tail end of his career dreaming of opening the modern marvel, Veterans Stadium.
Thanks for the trade, Dave!

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Anonymous said...

"I wonder what the rest looks like"
Dude, turn the puzzle cards over and look at the back!

Thanks again for the trade; keep me in mind if you come up with anything cool Twins-wise. And best of luck in the post season!

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