May 26, 2009

2009 Goudey Pack Break

After seeing all the breaks of 2009 Goudey and most people proclaiming it U-G-L-Y, I had to see for myself. So I present the first ever pack break on the blog with a newly minted scanner.

97-Russell Martin (looking pensive in his catcher duds)
36-Wilkin Castillo rookie (forgot to look at the painter or camera; who is that dirty helmeted man?)
13-Chipper Jones (looking suave and evil like the Phillie pitcher Terminator he is)

Heads up! It's 269-Ichiro. I loved these cards in 2007. I'm glad they're back.

A blue-backed Mini of 152-Lou Marson, staying in the minors until his appointed day.

Next is two Yankees.
Yankee blue (135-Alex Rodriguez)

And Yankee orange (136-Chien-Ming Wang);though he should be blue the way he's pitching this year.

Then, lastly, here's a rookie of 124-Jonathon Niese, probably the Mets top pitching prospect. May he always look so perplexed at the big league level (here's a hint, the ball's in your other hand, Jonathon, no one's throwing it to you)

Overall, I liked the pack I got a lot. A mini-Phillie and an Ichiro heads-up were definitely highlights. I could do without the orange and green backgrounds though. I'm not sure if I can take opening a whole box of this, but as a few novelty packs and buying some singles would be within my range of interest. Next time, I would like to get a 4-in-1 to see those in person; also a Tiger Woods auto would be ideal (keep dreaming).

Pack grade: A-
Collectability of Goudey: C+
Reason to come back for more: Heads Up inserts, Sports Royalty inserts
Reason to stay away: Don't want to look at so much orange when browsing through a set
Likelihood of buying a hobby box: 22%


Drew said...

What is the model of your new scanner. I'm in the market

Dan said...

It's an HP Photosmart C4580