May 30, 2009

The World Series Phillies Project: Update 1

I have identified the many holes in World Series Phillie Project. I am still trying to put together the wantlist/checklist...whatever you want to call it. This is taking a lot more time than I intended it to. I will make a grand announcement when I get these lists/files done.

Here's a sampling of pieces of the project. This pertains to the Steve Carlton collection and the rookie card pieces of the project. Here are my most recent big acquisitions (for me).

1. 1967 Topps Steve Carlton is at the top of mini-pyramid
This was a loved card, but now it's mine.

2. At the bottom are two Chase Utleys: the 2001 Bowman Draft Picks and 2001 Bowman Heritage. This completes the Chase Utley base rookie card collection from 2001 since these were the only base card releases of Utley from that year.

This project is my focus for collecting, but all Phillies are welcome in trades, etc. Any help in compiling information for this(especially for the 2008 Phillies) would be much appreciated.

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Jim said...

Good luck & I look forward to following your progress!