May 14, 2009

6th Blog Bat Around

The question this month that has been presented is simple enough in its scope, why do you blog? for what purpose has the subject matter been chosen?

I am essentially new to the communication by webpage medium. Ask any of my family or friends, and they'll say two things about me (well, maybe three): "I wish he'd call or keep in touch more", "he loves baseball", and "he's really weird." Only two out of those three I can control and it's not the loving baseball part.

I blog because I enjoy the subject matter and it's a way to put down some thoughts and ideas. On my own, I would never do formal rankings or set reviews or tell collecting stories because I really don't know anyone who cares about these things anymore. I can try some of these ideas out, and if they work, well, then I'm in the clear, and if they don't someone can let me know (assuming that it's ever read beyond my eyes).

I have been reading baseball blogs since forever; (with me being a Phillies fan) and Minor league ball by John Sickels
were the first I read. Somehow I discovered the baseball card blogs sometime in 2007, and I have been hooked ever since. I am quite the lurker; I can tell you the evolution of almost any site out there, along with their subject matter.

Like many others out there, I have a collecting obsession. I have tempered the spending lately, but I have rearranged my card cabinet once per month, pulled cards for trades, re-evaluated my binder inclusion criteria, and found different shoe boxes. This is a place where I can say all that and maybe that third characteristic would be less apparent.

My favorite posts are the ones with a creative bent; I'm currently working on a series that is different from anything posted so far.

I would like to be more active in the great cardosphere community that has formed, but as usual I am as shy as a masked umpire. Feel free to contact me and I will respond...usually with too many words...and later than expected.

Blogging also makes me feel I'm not talking to the air about my interests. I really can't see your glazed eyes as I ramble on incessantly to belabor an already made point...which is good for me.

In which case, I take it all back, my real purpose of blogging about baseball and baseball cards is to discourage the formation of a race of flesh-eating zombies that drone in unison "home run", "foul ball", "must eat cardboard"....

Trust me, it's not a pretty sight.

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