Aug 27, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Packs 3 and 4: In Which a Multi-Colored Palette Trumps All

Believe me, I'm not being sarcastic when I'm running down the list of cards I've received. It's just....I never win these type of contests. And that is the way luck and life intertwine. What is it they always say? Lucky in cards,unlucky in love? Who's to say what's lucky anyway? Be amazed at the next offerings and be mesmerized by the splashes of watercolor.

Pack 3
140: Loren Opstedahl, the champion sheep shearer...the question remains did he win in Norway?
173: Francisco Rodriguez
120: Edwin Moreno RC
270: Josh Outman RC, who the Phillies traded for Joe Blanton
325: Dioner Navarro: +5 for being scarce

Sketch Card: AGHS16 Alex Rodriguez +2 because he is a Yankee (not a true Yankee though, right Yankee fans?)

Mini 274: Josh Hamilton: +3 because he is a favorite

National Pride: NP28 Melvin Mora (Venezuela)

Pack Total: 10

Pack 4
8: Matt Cain without a goatee
67: Ian Kinsler
75: David Wright +2

149: Chipper Jones +2, Larry's always a favorite

60: Matt Holliday
331: Jeff Samardzija +5 shortprint

Mini A&G Back 193: Khalil Greene +2

National Pride: NP12 Prince Fielder (USA)

Pack Total: 11

Total After 4 Packs: 41
On Pace for:205 Points

I think I prefer a green palette followed by a mango sorbet, or is it the other way around?

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