Aug 28, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs: Packs 5 and 6: In Which Stories are Beholden to Walls

There's a lot of unexpected and interesting stories lurking in the careers of many players and people in general. In many cases, success can be achieved in the story if not for the villain, which may be intangible, personal, or institutional. Cards tell stories, but only if we dig deeper.

Pack 5

296: Bobby Abreu-success despite perception and previous prodigious talent displays
108: Alamo-landmark of heroism, though many perished for the memory
203: Scott Kazmir-Steve Phillips did not believe
39: Hanley Ramirez +2-so many tools, so little attention
291: Josh Beckett-blisters
Mini 22: Mariano Rivera (favorite Yankee mini) +2-one pitch, really?

Code Card Parallel 221: Brandon Webb +2-mastery of the environment

National Pride: NP23 Chien-Ming Wang (Chinese Taipei) -1-cultural barrier

Pack Total: 5

Pack 6
78: Eric Byrnes: -1-the hair

50: Pat Neshek-coming back from surgery
57: Frank Evans +2-pre-integration, lacked opportunity

46: Brian Roberts +2-height
188: Chris Davis-inability to make contact consistently
98: Josh Whitesell RC-adjustment to majors
Mini 339: Jordan Schafer RC +7-listening to the tomahawk chop

National Pride: NP29 Alfonso Soriano (Dominican Republic)-101 years

Pack Total: 10

Total After 6 Packs: 56
On Pace For:200 points

Incidentally, I'm really terrible at wall climbing.

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