Aug 31, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Packs 9 and 10: In Which a Facial Expression is Revealing

Take a look at the cards scanned below. Such an interesting variety of expressions. Are these guys expressionistas or what? Are they happy or disturbed or bored of staying still while the painter finishes their portrait? I'm sured someone else noticed this, but has Ryan Braun ever smiled? and doesn't the Yankee uniform look slimming on CC Sabathia?

Pack 9
229: Mark Ellis
196: Joey Votto +2

153: CC Sabathia -1

20: Adam Jones
21: Robinson Cano -1

342: Sitting Bull +5

Mini A&G Back 11: Jacoby Ellsbury +2

National Pride NP26: Yunel Escobar (Cuba)

Pack Total: 7

Pack 10
293: Ian Snell
205:Ryan Braun +2

130: Johnny Damon -1

12: Jermaine Dye
42: Mark Buehrle (the perfect game endures)
234: Wyatt Earp
Mini Black Border 71: Albert Pujols +3 (I was stoked to get this card)

National Pride NP27: John Lackey (USA)

Pack Total: 4

Total After 10 Packs: 79

On Pace For: 180

Which is better, pensive or contemplative?

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