Sep 1, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Packs 11 and 12: In Which Infield Hits Trump the Long Ball

This edition is in honor of Ichiro, the infield hit maven and the first card pulled from this set of 2 packs. Other speedsters also joined him in his pack (Ellsbury, Gardner). The second pack has a different take on speed...namely, how fast can a major league career get off track? Whether by injury or poor performance nearly all of these players, have not been graced by the hand of major league success.

Pack 11
271:Jair Jurrjens
183: Pedro Feliz +1

11: Jacoby Ellsbury
295: Brett Gardner -1

Code Card Parallel 193: Khalil Greene +2

Mini A&G Back 235: Roy Oswalt +2

National Pride NP35: Manny Ramirez (Dominican Republic)

Pack Total: 4

Pack 12
63: Andrew Miller-in AAA
191: Hiroki Kuroda-injured
195: Kevin Kouzmanoff-less than .300 OBP
32: Jeremy Bonderman-injured
119: Scott Lewis RC-untested
35: Geovany Soto +2-major sophomore slump

Mini A&G Back 283: Mike Aviles +2-injured

National Pride NP21: Scott Hairston (Mexico)-traded to the A's (I kid, though he was on the DL before)

Pack Total: 4

Total After 12 Packs:87
On Pace For: 167

Halfway through and I'm speeding to the bottom of the list.

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