Sep 4, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Packs 19 and 20: In Which Freshness is Locked In

Card companies must be fatigued fromc onstantly designing cards because a lot of designs are rehashed. Though a few tweaks from previous years has made this A&G offering a breath of fresh air compared to the dullness of 2008 (seriously, the black typeface from last year bothers me). The addition of action poses with a washed out stadium background to some cards has lent
freshness to this run of 4 years of this set. The Cole Hamels and Mariano Rivera cards are two of my favorite from this year's offering. In an unrelated note, was William Tell a real person, and how did he get a whole overture named after him that sounds like horses galloping when he's known for his archery skills....the mysteries of life.

Pack 19
179: Trevor Hoffman
150: Prince Fielder
235: Roy Oswalt
157: Jason Motte RC
151: Cole Hamels +1

247: Jeff Clement -1

Mini National Heroes NH31: William Tell (Switzerland) +5

National Pride NP31: Grady Sizemore (USA) +4

Pack Total: 9

Pack 20
206: Miguel Tejada
159: Denard Span
117: Blake DeWitt
219: Nate McLouth
278: Herb Simpson +2

Mini 36: Joba Chamberlain -1

311: Gavin Floyd +5

National Pride NP30: Jose Contreras (Cuba)

Pack Total: 6

Total After 20 packs: 170
On Pace For: 202

What's the best way to store melted chocolate chip cookies anyway?

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Jim said...

I'd say in the fridge. Delicious.