Sep 2, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Packs 15 and 16: In Which the Poses are Both Old and Fresh

There are usually standard poses in which baseball players are depicted: swinging, running, throwing, staring menacingly at a camera. There are variations on this because not all motions are alike nor are all poses without any type of personality. Observe the scanned cards below.

Pack 15
106: Mike Jacobs
248: Colby Rasmus RC
142: Lashawn Merritt
17: Manny Ramirez
349: Aubrey Huff +5 He is studying the pitcher's release point, trying to squint against the sunlight. It's awesome how the splash of color in the background acts as his shadow.

Sketch Card AGHS14: Ichiro +3 Classic Ichiro swing when he turns on one towards the right field line instead of the performing the running-through-the batter's box hit.

Mini A&G Back 287: James Shields +2 Mr. Planter hasn't changed since 1887 (I think).

National Pride NP16: Jake Peavy (USA)

Pack Total: 10

Pack 16
189: Casey Kotchman
141: Carlos Zambrano
216: Derek Lowe
68: Jamie Moyer +1 Looking up, which is strange because he's already at the top. He looks venerable here.

282: Eric Chavez
Mini 338: Jason Wong +7 Very casual pose. If his glasses had some color, this card would really pop.

92: Joe Mauer +2 Relaxing because it's nice to not squat for awhile.

National Pride NP15: Jorge Posada (Puerto Rico) -1 Standard batting pose, though the flag may be a distraction for the opposing pitcher.

Pack Total: 9
Total After 16 Packs: 131
On Pace For: 193

If they painted a Ginter card of you, how would you pose?


skoormit said...

How would I pose? Just like this.

Jim said...

I'd pose like Skoormit, or I'd just give the double thumbs up with a Fonzie "Ayyy."

Or I'd do the pensive look to the sky thing.