Sep 2, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Packs 13 and 14: In Which Nostalgia Plays a Role

Longing for the past is a trait that most people have ingrained in their psyche. It's called the good old days mostly because the bad old parts are glossed over like an SPx surface. There are always things that are missed about previous experiences, and this especially holds true for athletes. There was only one point in their life where this skillset from their youth could come to fruition to play professional baseball. The following question is asked: if this player could change one thing about their baseball experience, what would it be?

Pack 13
144: Joakim Soria: more save opportunities or the chance to be a starter
240: Hank Blalock: no back problems, continued power development after all-star game home run off gagne
124: Donald Veal RC: name recognition
112: Millito Navarro +2: maybe a different world?

313: Jeff Francis: +5: less Coors Field, more Petco Park

Sketch Card AGHS17: Chipper Jones +5: Larry has been blessed by the baseball gods. Less playoff disappointment?

Mini 57: Frank Evans +2: see Navarro

National Pride NP34: Nick Markakis (USA) +4: more meaningful games in August and September to ply the trade

Pack Total: 18

Pack 14
62: Dan Uggla: people to watch him play
123: Barry Zito: a less publicized contract and some mph gained back on his fastball
86:Michael Cuddyer:
125: Randy Johnson: 1998 playoffs redux
178: Adam LaRoche +2: to skip April and go straight to May

Mini 122: Dontrelle Willis: the D-train needs to find the tracks of 2005
301: Jonathan Sanchez +5: that no-hitter was pretty sweet. Why can't every game be like that?

National Pride NP14: Francisco Rodriguez (Venezuela): shouldn't have left the Angels, the 2009 Mets are cursed.

Pack Total: 7

Total After 14 Packs:112
On Pace For: 187

If only I had stuck with baseball past 11 years old....I still would not be on a card (I wasn't even close to that good)

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