Sep 5, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Packs 21 and 22: In Which a Ripping Dilemma Appears

I'm going to cut right to the point. Scroll down to pack 22. I pulled a rip card! It was surreal pulling it out of the pack. My first thought was "this card is thicker" My second was "hey, it's numbered out of 99" My third was "I could finally perform acts of cruelty upon a card" (Ok, that last one really isn't true) I did jump out of the sofa and show everyone (i.e. noone). I haven't ripped it yet. I would like to know people's thoughts about whether to do it and how to go about it. Or if I don't rip it, what else to do with it.

Pack 21
84: Justin Upton
288: Joe Saunders
276: Michael Phelps
237: Walton Glenn Eller
14: Troy Tulowitzki
324: Wladimir Balentien +5

Mini A&G Back Travis Snider RC +2

National Pride NP32: Rich Harden (Canada)

Pack Total: 7

Pack 22
166: Gil Meche
73: Vernon Wells
96: Geronimo
29: Jonathan Papelbon
RIP CARD Yadier Molina 52/99 +25

Mini Black-Border 296:Bobby Abreu +3

National Pride NP17: Felix Hernandez (Venezuela)

Pack Total: 28

Total After 22 Packs: 205

On Pace For: 223


cubbyblue34 said...

Congrats on the RIP card. I pulled a Vernon Wells #04/10 Rip Card out of mine & took the chance & ripped it.I lucked out & pulled a mini Red Ink Joba Chamberlain Auto #09/10. Sold it on Ebay for $170. Being since it's Yadier & #99 I would rip it myself but that's just me. Good luck with whatever you decide.

beardy said...

I agree w/ cubby. Rip it!

Thorzul said...

I pulled a rip card in 2007, and it's still intact. It happened to be a Prince Fielder and I'm a Brewers fan. As a guideline, if it's a home team favorite or a huge star, I would probably leave it intact, but other than that, RIP IT!

Anonymous said...

Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!