Nov 23, 2009

1993 Triple Play Nicknames

I love insert sets from the beginning of their common use in card releases. They were so simple...and yet so desirable.....unattainable, and yet unescapable.

Triple Play was Donruss's foray into the kids market. Nicknames was a great idea (probably done previously) to give further identity to well-known players. The concept continued in other sets like 1996 Leaf Signature Notable Nicknames and even 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game.

Let's examine the nickname groupings (outside of Ryno for Ryne Sandberg) pictured above)

These three were given nicknames that you could call the players by. I mean, Gooden's Topps card called him Doc. Griffey was the only Junior (not counting Junior Felix), and Ozzie Smith was aptly called the Wizard of Oz.

Here are the two word nicknames. One given by exposure and probably himself (Prime Time), one because the nickname is too awesome (Big Hurt), and one because his last name was similar to a cartoon character (Crime Dog).

The last set are the nicknames for the Texans with a sense of excitement and with its pronouncement, knowing you had good odds to see something sensational in a ballgame.

What were some other of your favorite nicknames from this era, before, or beyond?

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