Nov 2, 2009

These two cards make me happy...

...and the World Series did not yesterday. Brad Lidge...again. That's all I have to say besides I'm looking forward to games 5-7.

Quote of the night (from me) during the debacle: "Don't try to make me happy. I don't want to be happy."

Then I remembered there are cards of Phillies that could do the trick.

This is a sideways 1975 Topps Wayne Twitchell. I have never heard of this gentleman before. He does however, have the maroon and powder blue uniforms of my youth and has just finished a followthrough without a ball in an empty stadium. Plus, this is abright and colorful and cheerful 1975 Topps card. I love this set (maybe not as much as others, but it is a groovy green and yellow smorgasbord of color explosion.

This is a 2005 Turkey Red...Red Dooin. A long-time Phillie, he missed being in their first postseason by one year, leaving after the 1914 season. Never a great player, he mostly played catcher. I was just taking a look at his fielding stats, and he had a 40 error/15 passed ball season. Was this common in his era? Did he not accept those new-fangled catcher's masks and shinguards as proper tools of ignorance? I'd like to picture him as one of the last to not wear anything except a glove and finger splints (I have no basis in fact for this claim). Plus, this is Turkey Red in the orginial form. Note the borders. Vintage.

I almost feel better now.
Cards courtesy of Stats on the Back

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