Nov 28, 2009

Phillies Project Update: Carlton and Schmidt Cards

I'm approaching the pinnacle of my pursuit for Steve Carlton cards (check the sidebar to see what I am looking for, it's not much). With Mike Schmidt, on the other hand, I have just begun the search. I'm still compiling the list. The two stars of the '70s and '80s create an interesting contrast in card images and personality. Carlton, the taciturn, standing tall and Schmidt, the communicative (post-playing days) sprawling on the diamond to stop another liner.

I'm always looking for non-mainstream releases and post-playing career cards of these players.

Here are my latest acquisitions.

1971 Pitching leaders (or really victory leaders). Fergie Jenkins led the way with 24 wins. Seaver, Downing, and Carlton tied with 20 wins. The next season, Carlton was traded from the Cardinals to the Phillies for Rick Wise (nothing like a no-hitter to boost your value)

1979 Kelloggs 3-D Carlton. He's staring right at you. Even if you look away, he will not.

A standard 1977 Topps card. Check out the maroon warm-up jacket. I'm not sure if I miss that uniform or not based on my childhood conditioning.

1983 or 1984 Topps Ralston Purina Mike Schmidt. I realize licensing is a major issue these days, but why not lend your name to other avenues for small sets to distribute cards. I miss the cards in cereal boxes and at gas stations (or in this case, dog food).

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Jim said...

I'm not sure why, but the '77 Steve Carlton card has always been one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I have to echo the statement of the previous post. The Topps 77 Steve Carlton card is one of my favorites and very dear to me. 77 was my first year collecting cards as an 8 year old. I can remember the exact place I was when I pulled the card out of a fresh wax pack i bought with spare change I would scrounge around for. I'll never forget my granfather saying "He's a good one". Thanks for the memories!