Nov 7, 2009

Rip Card Results

Remember that rip card I pulled from the Allen & Ginter box during Gint-a-Cuffs? Well, I finally got around to ripping the Yadier Molina open (without any precision whatsoever) and revealing the mini treasure inside.

The result is shown here:

a mini exclusive Carlos Beltran. The mini exclusive has a slightly darker color palette compared to the normal mini and the number of the card is greater than 350 on the back. It's a nice card overall.

My response, to say the least, was underwhelming. It could be worse. He's an all-star player at least. Of course, it had to be a Met. I was really looking forward to seeing a red auto or wood parallel or something less commonplace. Oh well, the anticipation ended.

One interesting aspect was that there was a black film over both sides of the card inside the rip card. I had no idea what was coming out; I tried in vain to peek with a flashlight. That doesn't work this year for those ripping open these cards.

Hopefully, some better luck next time. I was still psyched to pull the card out of my box.

And so the Allen and Ginter tale reaches it denouement.

1 comment:

Collective Troll said...

I guess a Beltran would be a little bit of a let down... I have never even seen a rip card in person and I dream of one pulling one and then struggling with the decision of whether or not to rip out. I would probably lose sleep imagining all the potential awesome things that could be inside. Either way, the Beltran is a pretty sweet find and would probably command a high return in sale or trade. Nice job!