Oct 31, 2009

World Series Game 3 Live blog Inning 6

Inning 6

8:19 PM: Wow, Girardi and Happ are alums of Northwestern...and never met at school. I am shocked.
8:21 PM: Swisher HR...6-3 Yankees...um...I want candy???
8:27 PM: Jayson Werth is awesome...6-4 Yankees....that ball was launched.
8:30 PM: Ibanez does the left-handed sitdownprevalent for the Phils since the 2nd inning. Wake up people!
8:31 PM: Feliz is working the count....fans are excited for him...and he strikes out...his pitch recognition is awful.
8:33 PM: Eric Bruntlett's beard is thick...has he been hibernating?
8:35 PM: The answer: yes

I'm going to a Halloween party...the liveblog is over as I will now drown myself in sorrow.

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