Oct 14, 2009

Dodgers vs. Phillies: Crossing-Over

The Dodgers and Phillies have a varied history against one another. They have never really been natural or true rivals, but there have been periods where they have experienced bursts of intense conflict over 1-2 year periods. This is one of those short periods.

Let's compare the gentlemen who have donned the working pajamas of both teams.

Dodgers That Were Phillies

Randy Wolf (Phillie 1999-2006)
Then: Precocious lefthanded starter who had run-ins with Larry Bowa before settling in as a good starter with elbow problems.
Now: Possible ace of the staff, loving Dodger Stadium.
Jim Thome (Phillie 2003-2005)
Then: Middle of the lineup 40 HR lock who ended up getting hurt and then being replaced by Ryan Howard.
Now: Pinch hitter with back problems, but still dangerous.
Vincente Padilla (Phillie 2000-2005)
Then: Enigmatic talent from Curt Schilling trade with volatile personality and game scores.
Now: MLB-renowned headhunter who has decided not to lose since putting on a Dodger's uniform
Eric Milton (Phillie 2004)
Then:Won 16 games, allowed a lot of home runs. One almost no-hitter against the Cubs.
Now: Relief pitcher and spot starter,probably not on the roster.

Phillies That Were Dodgers

Jayson Werth (Dodger 2004-2005)
Then: Injury-prone catcher turned outfielder with shoulder injury.
Now: All-star outfielder with rockin' goatee.
Paul Bako (Dodger 2005)
Then: Back-up catcher who hardly plays.
Now: Back-up catcher who hardly plays.
Chan Ho Park (Dodger 1994-2001, 2008)
Then: Successful pitcher that had amazing home/road splits.
Now: Gone through a debacle of a contract with the Rangers, pulled from the rotation with the Phillies, became an acceptable relief pitcher....with a pulled hamstring.
Pedro Martinez (Dodger 1992-1993)
Then: Thin pitcher overshadowed by his older brother.
Now: An unknown quantity after a HOF career and a few injury-riddled seasons.

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