Oct 31, 2009

World Series Game 3 Liveblog Inning 2

Inning 2
6:45 PM: A-Rod hit by pitch...first time on base in this series. Jorge Posada's bat is defective or he lost the ability to remove a donut from it.
6:48 PM: Whoa! A green Tug McGraw jersey!
6:49 PM: On replays on pitches so far, you only get a good view of the ump's rear.
6:50 PM: Runner does not get past first. As Utley demonstrates his running backward skills before allwowing Werth to catch the 3rd out on a Swisher pop-out.
6:54 PM: I think I want that bright red Phillies mask for Halloween.
6:56 PM: Perfect at-bat by Werth! 6 pitches and a deep homer! 1-0 Phillies!
6:57 PM: Ibanez falls for the same trick as Utley and Howard. Breaking ball away much?
6:58 PM: Pedro Feliz hits one off the wall for a double! Since when did he adopt an inside out swing?
7:00 PM: Close-up of Utley's nosehairs. Another FOX TV moment. Does Posada have fingernail polish?
7:02 PM: Hamels bunted for a base hit. Bases are full of ducks or Phillies or something with one out.
7:05 PM: The Phillies crowd is loud and present. Bases loaded walk for Rollins. 2-0 Phillies!
7:06 PM: Victorino gets the run home with a sacrifice fly. 3-0 Phillies! Damon didn't even attempt a throw.
7:10 PM: 2 runners left on by Utley, but Pettite's working hard.

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