Oct 11, 2009

Wishes for Game 3 of the NLDS

Bobby Abreu, patron saint of patience (4 walks in game 1 of the ALDS alone!), please bless thy former teammate, Jimmy Rollins, with the ability to let bad pitches go and only swing at good ones. Grant him with the forebearance to recoginze the difference between a fastball and breaking pitch from the left side and not jump in the batter's box. Stay back on the ball, Jimmy and work the count. Also, extend thy bounty to Carlos Ruiz, to recognize when the lineup needs turning over. A double play is worse than a strikeout....

To Larry Bowa, patron saint of overreacting, I beseech thee to remove thy presence from the inner sanctum of Charlie Manuel. One must look beyond the singular batter and the singular inning to manage to win the series. Each game is important, but do not ruin the rest of games in the future for a game today. Do not let him give in to thee and thy fiery temper. The laid back Charlie is a winning Charlie except during motivational team meetings.

Go Phillies!

This is just a tiny sampling cards from the generosity at Stats on the Back

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Jim said...

Bobby Abreu - patient at the plate and clutch hitting. I hope the TV in the Coors Field visiting clubhouse was tuned to this afternoon's Angels-Red Sox game for a little inspiration.