Oct 31, 2009

World Series Game 3 Liveblog Inning 4

Inning 4

7:28 PM: It's time for the talk to the coach segment. Mackanin (former Yankee scout)talking with Joe Buck, who can apparently talk about two things at once. One good thing is that there's less facial close ups during this segment.
7:29 PM: Joe Buck says Hemels hasn't allowed a hit. What a dunce. You don't ever say that...ever!
7:30 PM: Teixeira walks on a pitch in the zone. FoxTrax is always right...right?
7:33 PM: A World Series replay....it's an A-rod HR, correct call. 3-2 Phillies. Hamels, 7 HR allowed in the postseason, already??
7:36 PM: Hamels regrouped and didn't allow any more runners. That non-strike call on Teixeira still was bad.
7:41 PM: Error on A-rod. Feliz is safe. Slippery little ball.
7:43 PM: Pay attention to the game, FOX! Stop talking to other people in the middle of the action.
7:46 PM: A whole bunch of nothing for the Phillies this inning. Will Joe Buck ever mention the count for the batter out loud? The saga continues.

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