Oct 13, 2009


Highlighted by one of the most exhilarating comebacks in Phillies playoff history, it was quite a heartstopping night. It seems all the remaining playoff teams have benefited from 9th inning comeback wins. It should be an interesting LCS round.

Because the Phillies won, I would like to showcase some contest winnings I've acquired semi-recently. The first is an autographed card of Virgil Trucks courtesy of the generous Crawford Cards. Because he's not a HOFer, pitchers with long careers like Trucks are sometimes left behind in the depths of baseball annals. Nevertheless, this is an awesome card of a memorable player.

The other contest winnings are from Voice of the Collector. For some inexplicable reason, I took a quiz on mentalfloss.com and guessed correctly all the listed Beckett values of the subjects of the quiz. I do admit to reading Beckett...in 1998. Which just goes to show how little the values of cards have changed over the years. Some fluid market pricing they have, eh? As a reward for my strange memory, he sent over this 5 card set of top prospects from the National. Oh, and if you have any of those 20th anniversary cards that Upper Deck inserted into packs this year, he would love to take them off your hands. I have not pulled any from a pack this year, but many of you definitely have.

The only one I'm unfamiliar with is David Cooper, otherwise it's a who's who of up and comers for this and next year.

Thank you both!

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