Oct 31, 2009

World Series Game 3 Liveblog Inning 1

Inning 1
All times in PDT

6:17 PM: Hey, the game's started. There's a pitch to Jeter for a strike.
6:22 PM: Two groundouts and a strikeout for Hamels in the top of the 1st. His fastball jammed the hitters inside.
6:23 PM: FOX had strange Halloween music in between the top and bottom of the inning.
6:25 PM: Rollins with a hotshot off A-Rod's glove on the first pitch. Damon almost fell down.
6:26 PM: Two straight first pitch swings? Did they adjust based on last game?
6:27 PM: FOX just showed us the details of Rollins' stubble on his face.
6:31 PM: Three straight first pitch swings now. What do you think Pettite is saying to himself to his glove before every pitch?
6:33 PM: After all those throws, Rollins read Pettite perfectly to steal second. And then Pettite threw to Jeter for a pick-off when he wasn't even on second. Weird.
6:38 PM: Hamels doesn't even look ready in the dugout.
6:39 PM: Pettite is slow at pitching. Hamels looks bored. Joe Buck: "It's a good thing we gain an hour tonight."
6:42 PM: Howard and Utley strike out. One runner left in scoring position. It's hard to tell if Pettite is pitching well or using hypnosis

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