Oct 31, 2009

World Series Game 3 Liveblog Inning 5

Inning 5

7:51 PM: Hamels...hello? 3 straight curve balls to Swisher results in a double.
7:52 PM: Cabrera imitates a fish after striking out.
7:53 PM: Single by Pettite to score Swisher. 3-3. Hamels, that's terrible, absolutely terrible.
7:56 PM: Double by Damon...scores two. 5-3 Yankees...Hamels, you're terrible.
8:00 PM: Bye-bye Hamels. That was awful! Here comes Happ to pitch to A-rod, 1st and 2nd, one out.
8:06 PM: Pettite was eating his jacket zipper in the dugout.
8:07 PM: Happ survives the 5th with some nice pitches.
8:11 PM: Nice jack o' lanterns of the team logos.
8:13 PM: Nice play by Teixeira to get Utley.
8:14 PM: Pettite needs a breather after sprinting 30 yards?
8:15 PM: Nothing, nothing, nothing.....

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