Oct 12, 2009

NLDS Game 4-It Comes

Left side of the infield unite.

May your gloves be quick and sticky and your movements be lithe and graceful. May you block groundballs with aplomb and snag popouts with ease. May you be unfazed by the purple and black masses of the stands and risk your limbs and appetite by reaching into their depths. May the double play bring smiles from the heavens and may you run down and tag advancing Rockies before they reach their destination.

May you work the count in a judicious manner and get on base at a frequency much higher than your season stats suggest. May you run the bases smartly, advancing beyond the normal expectations and avoiding the siren's call of an overzealous 3rd base coach. And may you score runs in abundance as numerous as the sands on the beach or the dust particles in my apartment.

The game is begun. It's time to perform. Go Phils!

1 comment:

Jim said...

Pedro Feliz must not be following your blog.

I need a few nights to recover, but I'm excited for the rematch with the Dodgers. Go Phils!