Mar 23, 2010

1994 Flair Series 1 Box Break: Packs 13-18

The World Series of 1993 was an epic one on many levels. It was a classic defending champion (Toronto Blue Jays) vs. upstart/underdog (Philadelphia Phillies). It boasted two offenses that were 1st in the NL and 2nd in the AL. Both teams had decent pitching staffs with a couple of horses (Schilling and Greene for the Phillies, Guzman and Hentgen for the Blue Jays). Of course, the Phillies had Mitch Williams, and we all remember what happened with him and also what he did. Heart attacks in Philadelphia rose by 6000% during that season compared to the previous one.

Jim Eisenreich-Memorable Season: Formed a 4 headed platoon on the corner outfield along with Pete Incaviglia, Milt Thompson, and Wes Chamberlain and hit a sterling .318/.363/.445 with 7 HR and 54 RBI in less than 400 AB

Roberto Alomar Memorable Series: Here's an example of the back of the cards. It had a 3rd unique photo. Where did Fleer get all its source material? Well, Alomar hit .480/.519/.640 in the World Series with 12 hits of his own. Somehow this performance was overshadowed.
Scott Erickson Forgettable Season: Finished 8-19 with a 5.19 ERA (84 ERA+) and led the league with 266 hits allowed. Also, his voodoo doll was pricked repeatedly by Brian Kingman to deny him the 20th loss.

John Burkett Memorable Season: Led the league with 22 wins and had a career best 1.14 WHIP as the Giants won 103 games. Just check out his 1992 Pinnacle "Sidelines" card. He's also a great bowler.

Cecil Fielder Memorable Season: Had 4th straight 30 HR season and was officially the "Big Daddy" in Detroit. Finished with 117 RBI and 124 OPS+ as well. Unfortunately, lost his bid to win Tiger of the Year for 4th year in a row.

Albert Belle Memorable Season: Led the league in RBIs, SFs, and won a Silver Slugger. Did not get into any documented altercations on the field.

Carlos Delgado Wave of the Future Insert: Carlos is still riding the wave.

Rick White Wave of the Future Insert: Rick rode the wave until 2007.

Kirby Puckett Outfield Power Insert: Kirby is at the height of his smiling powers.

Other notable cards from these packs: Bob Hamelin, Don Mattingly, Will Clark, Carlos Delgado, Matt Williams, Raul Mondesi, Jeff Kent, Trevor Hoffman, Pedro Martinez

As always, if you want to see further images, let me know. Next time, the conclusion of the box.

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