Mar 16, 2010

1994 Flair Series 1 Box Break: Packs 7-12

Let's continue the time warp to 1993. Remember how exciting it was to get cards of expansion team players in packs at that time? I used to have dedicated pages in my binder to Rockies and Marlins cards. It was a novelty that I just couldn't get enough of. Plus, the Rockies hat looked very similar to the hat of my high school's (except in a different color). So even in a Phillies fan world, a lot of people were wearing Rockies hats during 1993-1994.

Gary Sheffield: Memorable Season: After having the baseball pundits talk about a chase for the Triple Crown in 1992 as a member of the Padres, Sheffield joined the newly minted, teal-sporting Marlins at midseason and gave the team a cleanup hitter, hitting 10 HR in 72 games. One bad moment is when he was hit by a ball while running the bases and was called out against the Phillies August 7, 1993.
Cal Ripken- Memorable Moments: Had a below-average season offensively (97 OPS+), but reached his 2000th career hit, won a Silver Slugger, and played in the all-star game in Camden Yards.

Alex Fernandez-Memorable Season: Went 18-9 with a 3.13 ERA (134 ERA+) for the division winning White Sox. He hit some hard luck in the ALCS, allowing 3 runs in 15 innings, but still received two losses.

Ken Griffey Jr.- Memorable Moments: At the home run derby, hit the warehouse behind Camden Yards, the first one ever to do so. Also, hit eight home runs in eight consecutive games, tying the record held by Don Mattingly and Dale Long. The Kid cemented his place as a superstar in 1993 with his first 40+ HR season.

Jose Rijo: Memorable Season: He led the NL in Ks with 227 and pitched to a 2.48 ERA (163 ERA+) with a 14-9 record. Marked the 6th consecutive season with a sub-3 ERA.

Greg Maddux: Memorable Season: In his first season with the Braves, Maddux led the league in ERA (2.36), CG (8), IP (267), ERA+ (171), and WHIP (1.05) to go with a 20-10 record and second consecutive Cy Young award. His season inauspiciously ended in game 6 of the NLCS after Mickey Morandini hit him on the leg with a line drive, limiting his effectiveness.

Armando Reynoso: Memorable Season: Amazingly, on an expansion team at high altitude, had a 12-11 record with a 4.00 ERA in his first full season. I'm in awe that he almost had a sub 4 ERA in Colorado pre-humidor.

David Justice and Tim Salmon Outfield Power Inserts: David Justice hit 40 HRs in 1993 for the division winning Braves and Tim Salmon burst on the scene with a rookie season to remember.

Other notable cards(because of design or player): Chris Hoiles, Andre Dawson, Jim Edmonds, Manny Ramirez (before being Manny), Jim Thome, Mark McGwire, Ryne Sandberg

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