Mar 8, 2010

Phillies Project Update: 1970s Phillies

The Phillies project has really made great progress in the last couple months. I'm nearly 80% of the way to my goal with 1980 Phillies, Carlton, and Schmidt cards (check out the sidebar for the links to what I'm missing if you're curious). The 2008 Phillies are a little harder to organize and limit what I want to get for the purpose of this project. Any suggestions?

Here are some 1970s Phillies.

1973 Topps Carlton/Tiant Wins Leaders Steve Carlton led the world in everything in 1972. Dare I say it was one of the top 10 most dominant pitching seasons since 1920?

1977 Topps Jonny Oates: Johnny Oates I remember more as the manager of the Orioles and Rangers. It must have been boring to play spring training in the '70s without any crowds
1977 Topps Gene Garber: The steadily great reliever made a go-round with the Phillies at the middle of his career.
1976 Topps Tom Underwood: A Phillies all-star rookie in 1975? 14-13 with a 4.14 ERA can get you something, at least a virtual trophy.
1976 Topps Traded Jim Kaat: Finally, a gold glove winning pitcher.
1978 Topps Jim Lonborg: He's most remembered for winning the Cy Young award during the 1967 Red Sox Impossible Dream season.
1973 Topps Willie Montanez: I just like to see action shots on '70s cards. It reminds us how far photography has come.
1973 Topps Greg Luzinski: The Bull back when power hitters hit with power.
1973 Topps Ken Brett: George's brother might have an imaginary hat on his head.

More updates to come

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