Mar 5, 2010

I am Joe Collector February Group Break Results

If you have not yet partaken in any of the group breaks put on by I Am Joe Collector, consider yourself having been missing out. There are standard group breaks by team for baseball usually, and then there are also specialty breaks centering around one product (such as SPA football, Finest baseball, Masterpieces baseball, Ultimate baseball, etc). Check it out and sign up at the beginning of each month and claim your favorite team....for life. Here's a small sampling of what I received from last month.

Cliff Lee row of 2009 Topps Unique: Gold /99, Red /1199, Base.
2009 Topps Unique Tim Lincecum (very popular here in the Bay Area), 2009 Topps Unique Unique Unis David Wright (a very nice insert idea reminiscent of 1994 Score Dream Team cards in concept) and one of the numbered rookies /2699, Fernando Martinez, apparently the next Mets savior?
Here's the daily dose of 2009 Topps Heritage High Series: two Phillies chrome of Cliff Lee and John Mayberry Jr, and a shortprint of the still-scowling, now retired Randy Johnson.

Surprisingly, I now have a lot of Cliff Lee cards in a Phillies uniform for a half season's time.

This short post is brought to you by office moving, where papers meet the floor (seriously, I'm moving to my 4th office in 5 years at work).

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