Feb 10, 2011

2010 Topps 206 Pack Break or Squinting Should Not Be a Replacement for Smiling

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After the mostly panned reviews of this product with the washed out colors and well....hatlessness, I really only tried to buy one lone retail pack.  I will say one thing about the look, at least they weren't fakely smudged with dirt on the back in the same pattern like the previous year's version of this set.   If the hatlessness weren't so ubiquitous, they may have a certain charm like 1969 Topps.  At least it beats airbrushing with a closeup of only the neck and head.

 Like the Ian Desmond shown below, the brand faded into the sunset to be replaced by the Gypsy Queen (yes, named the same as the moth) brand, in which gemstones and other mysteries await.  One question percolates in the mind of the collector though....how good do the minis look?  This will ultimately determine success (except if you're 2009 Goodwin Champions which had 12.5% of a box taken up by an annoying cross brand 1200 card insert set).  Say goodnight T206, may you remain unwrinkled and free of hurricane force winds.

Let's contemplate the mood or location of the players as the painting was rendered as their faces are laid bare "sin sombra".

Ian Desmond is relaxed in a pose and is somehow squinting at the sun that is setting behind him.  He must be admiring someone's sunglasses.
Joel Piniero is adamant about his point of view.  "No, BABIP does not correlate with my pitching style."
Hideki Matsui is approaching a TV camera and is about to give an interview for the many Japanese channels following him.
Zach Duke is trying not to laugh at the chickens running in front of him.  One seems to have fallen down.
Tommy Hanson is bored of sitting on that bench.  He'd rather go swimming.
Carl Crawford is surprised that someone wanted to give him chowder with crackers.
I did pull a Dustin Pedroia Cycle back.  That was cool.

I am happy that this break did not yield the urge to buy more.  Sometimes you can't collect them all.


Nathan said...

I don't see why everyone hates this set so much, it looks very nice to me, and the relic/auto inserts are some of the best out there.

Maybe I'd have to see them in person to understand their flaws.

dawgbones said...

Squinting makes it hard to read your blog too!

and just so it's not missed:
my entry for the Card Love Contest:

sorry for the length.