Feb 18, 2011

Pyramid Contest Tier 3: Card Love, The Conclusion

Thanks to all that expressed their love for a card (or cards) by posting. Here is a quick rundown of the entrants so that you can vote in the poll on the left sidebar.

(in order of appearance)
night owl
Night Owl writes about Chris Speier cards in the '70s and how it was the best run for a player during that time period.

Cubsfan731 writes about a surprise from Pat Neshek....and it wasn't the TTM auto.

Milwaukee Southpaw
Milwaukee Southpaw writes about a '90s hunt for Griffey, a Griffey that ended being a tough pull.

Dawgbones wrote two entries.  One about
the many different cards and card types that qualify for card love and the other about the card which sparked the collecting bug (though it was a painful moment depicted for Phillies fans).

Greg Z.
Greg writes about a vintage purchase of a favorite player that had eluded him for some time.

So please show the entrants your love and vote in the poll!

The top two votegetters receive the Stratomatic computer game and a free spot in the March group break (plus a few other things I can find). All entrants will receive something regardless, so everyone should e-mail me your address.

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