Feb 28, 2011

The Last Packs I've Seen: 2010 Bowman Hobby Two Pack Break

I was a huge fan of Bowman products. The 2010 base version stoked the old prospecting engine, but I'm typically in it for set completion and having a rookie of everyone...ever.  I do like that the fronts had the team logo on the card,  I like the inclusion of the insert sets, and if this were the only incarnation of Bowman that were released during the season, the numbering would almost make sense. 

I bought a lot of Bowman Chrome Prospects from ebay once and thought it was the chrome prospects from "Bowman" that I was purchasing, but it actually ended up being the Bowman Chrome Prospects from "Bowman Chrome".  I did not get the players I thought I was getting, though it was what I purchased.  It's more than confusing, it makes collecting and keeping track a chore rather than a joy.  All these prospect sets have the same design and numbering and there's no rhyme or reason or logic or cohesiveness. 

In any case, it was exciting to receive these Bowman packs as a gift a few months ago because they were and are extremely difficult to find.  What did the inside of the wrappers reveal?
211 Michael Dunn RC
172 Ichiro

26 Jeff Niemann
181 Naftali Feliz
BT77 Hanley Ramirez

BCP79 Eric Farris: #4 Brewers 2007
BCP 97 Blue Refractor Patrick Schuster:DBacks #13 2009 175/250 1:121 packs

BP27 Craig Clark Giants #14 2007
BP32 Eric Niesen Mets #3 2007

40 Ken Griffey Jr Gold

85 Dan Haren
121 Nate McLouth
BT13 Joe Mauer

BCP57 John Lamb Royals #5 2008

BCP49 Brian Baisley Yankees #24 2006
BP30 Ryan Dent Red Sox #1 2007

BP60 Neil Medchill Yankees #11 2009
Auto: Dusty Coleman

191 John Raynor Gold

Actually, these were probably the best two packs pulled from the box.  A hard to pull refractor and an autograph were great finds (if they were of better prospects, they would be amazing finds).

There is just one question.  Who is Dusty Coleman and what happened to him?  There are no statistics for him for the 2010 season.  Did he retire or get injured and no one report it?  Anyone know?

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Brad said...

Dusty Coleman had wrist surgery, he may have missed significant time last year cause of that.. the power of the internets