Feb 21, 2011

The Bounty of the Troll Revealed......Finally

Presented in scanned form is just a small part of the cards sent by the hale and hearty Collective Troll of cyberspace fame.  He held a group break many moons ago, and this has been the first lot that has been scanned with my newly fixed scanner.

Behold!  There will be cards and there will be superfluous commentary!
For the vintage lover, here's a 1965 Topps John Boozer.  I think he was asked to pose like that, don't you.

Here's a 1971 Topps Oscar Gamble. This is before he was famous for the hair style of the century. And yes, there are sideburns in the '70s!

Coming up next is the Opeechee contingent...in no particular order.

1987 Opeechee Steve Bedrosian: "Bedrock" (really that's what they called him) in the light blue duds in anticipation of his Cy Young season.
1985 Opeechee Michael Jack Schmidt:  Mike Schmidt was so strong he used to swing a redwood tree as a bat.

1984 Opeechee Steve Carlton: He was an etoile many times in his career.  According to Google Translate, toile in French means canvas or cloth.  I have no idea if that's right.

Then we have cards from the representatives of the most burlyingest pennant winners ever (ok, it's possible), the 1993 Phillies.
1992 Opeechee Premier Lenny Dykstra (the catalyst of many various things, some good like runs and other bad like car accidents with long-haired catchers) and Ruben Amaro (the current GM, trying to get that right aggressive approach even during his playing days)
1994 Collector's Choice Kevin Stocker: showing the hustle that endeared him to hundreds of thousands.  No, seriously I actually hoarded Kevin Stocker rookies and placed them in a safety deposit box at one point (there was nothing else in there, I was 12)
1993 Upper Deck Darren Daulton: I guess he should have tagged out the runner before throwing the ball away.
Next, we have modernesque Phillies in various uniforms.
1994 Collector's Choice Pete Incaviglia: showcasing the stylings and profilings of the 1933 Chuck Klein-led, Baker Bowl contingent.
1992 Topps Tyler Green: highlighting the pitching motion and knuckle curve grip that made him an all-star as a Wichita State Shocker.
1992 Topps Charlie Hayes giving homage to the Whiz Kids.

Then, there were some cards from unique brands from the deluge-era of the hobby (1996-2005)
1998 Pinnacle Mint Scott Rolen:  This was a precursor to the floating swatches of the modern relic card era.  This was a floating coin die-cut.
2003 Fleer Authentix Mini Pat Burrell:  I hope whoever had that ticket did not take it.  Row 70 does not exist in any section of any stadium that I know of.

Lastly, there are recent cards, including the shiny and not so shiny.
Behold the stoic countenance of the unflappable Brad Lidge in a 2009 Opeechee black border.  If his eyes could stare right into a hitter's soul, what would they say to him?
2010 Topps Heritage Chrome Jimmy Rollins: This time he's not speaking.  I think he's due for a bounceback year.  It's the power of the diamond background.

2009 Topps Heritage Update Chrome JA Happ:  He became Roy Oswalt, which just means he aged really quickly.
2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Jimmy Rollins jersey: This is a great card, let's just leave it at that.

And so it comes to pass that the Troll distributeth (through a huge group break) and the contents be displayed for visual consumption.  There are many more treasures to be stowed away as the Phillies red floods my credenza.  So all hail the bounty of the Collective Troll!

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1967ers said...

"Toile" does mean cloth, but "etoile" (with the accent on the e) means "star."