Mar 29, 2011

Final Group Break Update and Test Video

Here's the list of teams for the upcoming group break.  Everyone is paid, the boxes are ready to go, and it's almost my favorite day of the year....April Fool's Day.

If there are any disagreements about the teams, leave a comment here. 

I've also uploaded a short video here to see if I'm able to do so with my nearly incapable technological hands.  I definitely have to work on the lighting to do this right.  Any suggestions on where I should be positioned with respect to the light?

1. cubsfan731-1st choice=Cubs/Angels (paid)

2. dawgbones-1st choice=Phillies/DBacks (paid)

3. Spiegel83-1st choice=Dodgers/Brewers (paid)

4. Ryan G-1st choice=Giants/Mariners (paid)

5. hiflew-1st choice=Rockies/Braves (paid)

6. BA Benny-1st choice=Mets/Marlins (paid)

7. Madding-1st choice=Cardinals/Padres (paid)

8. John-1st choice=Yankees/Blue Jays (paid)

9. Ryan H.-1st choice=Orioles/Astros (paid)

10. Brad-1st choice=Twins/Rangers (paid)

11. Michael R.-1st choice=Red Sox/Pirates (paid)

12. Todd Uncommon-1st choice=Athletics/Tigers (paid)

13. Jason-1st choice=Indians/Royals (paid)

14. Arfmax-1st choice=White Sox/Rays (paid)

15.  Dan (me)- Reds/Nationals (paid)


BA Benny said...

Sound was good, check focus on camera. Distance makes a difference as your shirt looked focused but cards were a little blurry from being closer. I prefer to mount (tape)my webcam on the edge of the table and sit behind it whilr I set the cards in front. Check out my break videos for what I mean.

Brad said...

dont say uhm it drives me crazy