Mar 21, 2011

Group Break Results of Futures Past and One Final Group Break Reminder

The artist formerly known as I Am Joe Collector used to hold  monthly group breaks in the recent past.  I did fairly well for myself during that time (usually with the Mets as a team of choice).  When the monopolizing licensure of Topps took ahold in 2010, the variety of product slackened and so did the group breaks.  Occasionally, he will hold single product case breaks and I was able to participate in a couple of them in the recent (well, recent in the sense of these cards were just scanned) past.

First, there was a 2010 Topps Chrome Case Break.  I claimed two random teams and ended up with White Sox and Rockies.

 Gordon Beckham T206 Chrome:  Honestly, if this entire set were in Chrome, it would have been so much less authentic and so much cooler
 Gordon Beckham Refractor: Anyone else have him pegged for a bounceback season this year.  There's not a Junior Jinx now, is there?
 Jake Peavy National Chicle Chrome: The hand-paintedness of this card really stands out in the chrome form.  This was a great idea for an insert set,
 Eric Young Jr.  Auto: EY Jr. has the speed, but does he have the playing time?
Esmil Rogers Auto:  It's nice that the autos are on-card, but as always wish there were more than rookie autos.

I also paricipated in a 2006 Ultimate case break.  Basically, the breakdown was one hit and a handful of base cards per slot.

Josh Willingham, Russell Martin, Rony Paulino Triple Auto:  These were all catchers at one time; I guess that's the connection. 

And here were my base cards (#d/799)....

High end base cards always have interesting, unexpected, geometric designs.

My first group break only has three slots left.  I will start asking for payment soon.  First scheduled box break will be March 29.


hiflew said...

Are you interested in parting with the two Rockies autos?

If so, email me @ hiflew@yahooDOTcom and we can work something out

Are No said...

You know, that's totally true about high-end base cards. Never heard it put into words though.