Mar 31, 2011

Group Break Box 1: 2002 Topps Total

I broke this box first to work out any technical kinks.  There are no hits to speak of and it's really a who's who of who was that in the set.  It's a 990 card set after all.

The first video is terrible and fuzzy, though the sound is ok, and I'm having trouble uploading it.  At this time, it's missing.  Luckily, it was the first video with a box that doesn't really have high value cards.  I'll try to fix it, but I wouldn't want to deprive you of a paucity of witty commentary and interesting decor with the other three videos.  I'll upload it when I figure out the corruption in the file.

I think I finally figured out the recording style by the 3rd video.   Each video is 1/4 of the box (9 packs apiece).

Team Totals For the Break (base/insert)

For this box, I counted the checklists as inserts since they weren't part of the base set (though they look like base cards)

Braves 15/2
Marlins 8/2
Expos 13/1
Mets 14/1
Phillies 16/0
Cubs 11/3
Reds 11/1
Astros 7/1
Brewers 15/0
Pirates 10/1
Cardinals 4/2
Dbacks 13/2
Rockies 4/2
Dodgers 13/1
Padres 14/1
Giants 7/1
Orioles 6/1
Red Sox 10/2
Yankees 17/3
Rays 17/1
Blue Jays 11/1
White Sox 11/1
Indians 5/1
Tigers 15/1
Royals 15/0
Twins 13/0
Angels 4/2
Athletics 12/1
Mariners 17/3
Rangers 11/4

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madding said...

Rough start for the Cardinals. That just means all of the good stuff is in the other boxes, right?