Mar 27, 2011

Pull of the Year So Far and Group Break Update

I recently opened a box of 2001 Topps Series 2 Jumbo. Incredibly, you can purchase three of these boxes for the same price as a 2011 Topps Series 1 Jumbo.  Of course, there was no guarantee of relics or autos back in that era.  It was, however, the golden anniversary of Topps and promised something of interest. 

The box itself was somewhat disappointing as a whole.  I haven;t counted yet, but I think I received approximately 200 duplicates or more.  The only good part was that one of my duplicates was the Ichiro rookie (though the second one was damaged due to the following reason).  It was also very difficult to sort through the cards as each pack was opened since the cards were stuck together in bunches of 15-20 and each card had to be individually peeled off to view.  This caused a lot of edge and corner damage, which is not the most desirable outcome.

The cards themselves were fun to see and the inserts had some surprising results.  I especially liked the "Before There Was Topps" insert.  It wasn't a reproduction set, but just representations of the player subjects.

The most surprising moment of the box was when this card literally fell into my hands from the middle of an unwieldy stack of base cards.

It's a Rookie Reprint of Willie Mays with something that I had not encountered before, a piece of game-worn jacket.  Me gusta mucho.  This was a 1:227 pack pull  (with 10 packs per box) and it's not often that I beat the odds like this.  Maybe my luck has turned for the upcoming group break and all the willing participants?

Speaking of, here's the latest update.  I still need payment from two participants (bolded below).  There was one team choice conflict.  Both John and Ryan H claimed the Blue Jays and Ryan H also expressed interest in the Pirates (which was also claimed by Michael R).

Anyone have any absolute preferences?  Here's the other teams that have no claimants.

Nationals/Expos, Astros, Angels

Please e-mail me if you really, really, really want the 2nd team you asked for and can't accept any other.  It happens. The videoing will begin Wednesday, March 30.

1. cubsfan731-1st choice=Cubs/TBD (paid)

2. dawgbones-1st choice=Phillies/DBacks (paid)

3. Spiegel83-1st choice=Dodgers/Brewers (paid)

4. Ryan G-1st choice=Giants/Mariners (paid)

5. hiflew-1st choice=Rockies/Braves

6. BA Benny-1st choice=Mets/Marlins (paid)

7. Madding-1st choice=Cardinals/Padres (paid)

8. John-1st choice=Yankees/Blue Jays? (paid)

9. Ryan H.-1st choice=Orioles/Blue Jays??/Pirates?? (payment confirmed as being sent)

10. Brad-1st choice=Twins/Rangers (paid)

11. Michael R.-1st choice=Red Sox/Pirates? (paid)

12. Todd Uncommon-1st choice=Athletics/Tigers or Reds

13. Jason-1st choice=Indians/Royals (paid)

14. Arfmax-1st choice=White Sox/Rays (paid)

15.  Dan (me)-Tigers or Reds/TBD


madding said...

Awesome card. Would love to have pulled that.

night owl said...

Terrific card. Makes me want to buy some 10-year-old boxes.

hiflew said...

My payment is in. Sorry bout that I missed the asking for it.

And BTW, great card of one of the few Giants I can stomach.

Todd Uncommon said...

Paid up! I'll take the Tigers as my new #2.