Jul 6, 2011

Bowman Binge Blowout

I think I've opened more packs of Bowman in the last three months than I have in a long time.  Of course, knowing me with such an obvious lead-in, it's not the 2011 Bowman variety.  The images of bygone prospects to be and could have beens lie littered across the landscape of my coffee table in all the many varieties of black or gold bordered cardboard creations.

But I digress...

Like many collectors in this hobby, I am susceptible to hype.   With the Bryce Harper chrome rookie well in hand the week of release by virtue of purchasing a complete hand collated set,  I had no need to heed the chitterings of the newly minted chromey prospect minions.  Alas, my willpower did not hold out.

I blame the Topps Diamond Giveaway with its virtual prize bonanza.  A $10 Topps store certificate?  Sign me up, line me up, and knock me out from sheer anticipation.   I browsed the wares of the Topps store, and the Bowman logo caught my eye.  For the second year in a row, it has been flanked by a Washington Nationals #1 pick; this time obscured by the bottomless roundness of an oversized batting helmet. 

My willpower urged me to press on and tried to distract me with thoughts of my present collection possessions.  "Look at that drawer over there, you haven;t organized the contents yet.  Stacks and stacks of cards remain unscanned, unsorted, and unshared.  Give these cards some consideration before you flood them with more Bowman."

"But I am a Bowman collector!", I replied with a fury fueled by the gift certificate.

My willpower was nonplussed by my enthusiasm.  "You are an ex-Bowman collector from before the days of the "Rookie" logo.  You even halfway started a series about it in this very space.  In any case, you already have the 2011 Bowman set."

"B-u-bu-bu-but HARPER! AUTO! Pineda! Freeman! Refractor!",  I blurted like someone coming out of shock.

My willpower just sighed and turned away.  "I see I have some more work to do on you."

I hungrily clicked the buttons to purchase the items in question and I received more than I bargained for....

Two 24 pack retail boxes of 2011 Bowman.....

The question to those who have read this far is this.....what should I do with them?  I have the base, prospect, and prospect chrome set, so any of those cards would just be duplicates, and we all know how duplicates make set collectors feel.

The choice is yours:  Rip 'em, sell 'em, group break 'em, or keep 'em until Harper makes the majors in 2012. Find the poll located on the sidebar for easy answering.  Also, comments are cool.