Jul 28, 2011

Topps Chrome Refractors Reveal the Trade Deadline

Hunter Pence is a desirable commodity. He's on the last year of a relatively affordable contract, and he's having a potentially career year (OPS+=130) at the age of 28. What would you give up for his services? A high-impact prospect or three prospects of varying potential has been the asking price. This is Houston's strength player. They would need many pieces in return.  Plus, he already looks good in orange, that shouldn't be disrupted.  The orange refractor says he will not be traded.
Ryan Dempster needs to leave Chicago.  He's a high-salaried player ($12 million+) on a team that is going nowhere in 2011.  Unfortunately, he has a player option of $12 million for 2012, which would make any contending team wanting his services to balk.  He is a durable pitcher with decent peripheral stats (8.6 K/9 vs. 3.1 BB/9) who has been struggling this year.  As his X-fractor suggests, the trade market is cloudy for Dempster.

Edwin Jackson outlook for a trade has already been realized three times (twice this week) since the production of this card. The purple refractor often portends change in a player's career. The Diamondbacks were using his spectacular inconsistency to land that which they coveted, Daniel Hudson. The White Sox went for an old standby with the tantalizing purple bait, relief pitching. The deal was questionable; his price was low ($6 million) for an established MLB starter, and their replacement is a fragile pitcher (Jake Peavy or Phil Humber). The purple adorned shall do well in the gateway to the west (also changing to the National League).

Gypsy Queens wouldn't be able to do this as accurately as Topps Chrome refractors.

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