Jul 19, 2011

Junior High Countdown: 90. 1994 Topps Traded

1994 Topps Traded signaled something new for Traded sets from this era. Something so significant that it influenced sets for years to come. That's right, there were card images on the side of the factory set. That never happened before for a traded set. In all seriousness, this set did not have much going for it. It had the extremely cursive 1994 Topps design for the base cards. There were the nice-looking draft picks and prospect cards that carried over from the regular 1994 Topps set.

Essentially, there's only one consideration in grading a Topps Traded set from the 132 card era....checklist.

Significant rookies: Paul Konerko (pictured), Ben Grieve, Rusty Greer

Significant veterans: Eddie Murray, Rickey Henderson, Bo Jackson, Omar Vizquel

Cool Cards: 42. Anatomy of a Trade: Pedro Martinez/Delino Deshields-this would be a fascinating read. Does anyone have this card?
130 & 131: Ryne Sandberg commemorative cards. The Sandberg cards are interesting because this was for his first retirement abruptly in the middle of the 1994 season. He did come back for the 1996-1997 seasons. There were no traded sets for those years, so there wasn't a new commemorative Sandberg card.

Interesting inserted cards: There was an 8 card set with the now-in-its-sophomore-year Finest technology highlighting 6 "MVPs" and 2 "ROY" from the 1994 season.

This set was actually difficult to find for awhile since it was released right around the time of the strike. However, its lack of impact rookies and impact cards in general have relegated it for collectors who need every single Topps Traded set ever (those do exist, right?) and Paul Konerko fans, of which there are many in the south of Chicago, though seeing him in a Dodgers uniform is weird to the untrained eye.

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