Jan 11, 2010

2009 topps 206: A new pack for the new year and impressions

I have not been in a pack buying mood lately. I´m starting to run out of space in my little storage area in my apartment, so for the last few months, I´ve been limiting my purchases to group breaks and Phillies card lots. I stumbled upon this in Target though a few weeks back...$4.99, are you out of your mind? ....for 12 cards (same amount of cards as two retail packs priced at $2.99 each)

Here´s the wrapper for those interested, it was packed in two sections with 6 cards apiece. Onto the break....

Jered Weaver stretching as he wakes up in the morning, Miguel Tejada practicing self-defense, and a Bobby Scales sporting the Lucky Cubs Hat.

The much-hyped David Price and one of the last of his RC issued this year? His task if he chooses to accept it, surpass Joba Chamberlain. Right now, his pitch count tendencies remind me a lot of Scott Kazmir, though the scouts say his stuff is top notch. Also, two starting pitchers from the Braves who have annoyed me.

What will Matt LaPorta become? As the key component to the CC Sabathia trade, he needs a position and an opportunity at this point in his career. Thurman Munson, a legend in his own time.

This is the thick bronze parallel. At least I got a retired HOF player.

Posed and ready....though it seems I´ve cut the names off with my magical scanning powers.

And lastly, the newly appointed saviour of the Metropolitans, Fernando Martinez in MINI form.

I have a few other scattered cards from this set and my impression is simple. The set is average. It has some memorable cards, but the faded color backgrounds and painted depictions and somehow a strange cross between A&G and Goudey. Don´t get me wrong, I like it, but I would not pursue it in box form (especially with 20 packs per box and 9 cards per pack). The SPs in the set are also discouraging.

I´m not sure if they did this in the sets in 2002 and 2003, but some retired players from the era would be a nice inclusion. I am happy they didn´t go the non-baseball player route in this set like the other sets of vintage variety from this year.

The framed relics and autos are a big plus (I have none though) as are the minis. Why can´t the entire set be done in mini form? That would be the ultimate tribute. Forget about these so called base cards.

Ok, then a hobby box should include packs plus a stack of the 15 pocket pages since not many people are aware that they exist.

Overall Rating: B-
Collectability Rating: C+
Fun Rating: B
Collation: C- for the shortprints
Innovation Rating: D, is a rehash of ideas from 6-7 years ago and also borrows heavily from other vintage sets this year. Needed something punchy to be a 100th anniversary set to hold onto. At least it´s one series.

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