Jan 2, 2010

New Year´s Resolution Retrospective: 1981 Larry Christenson and Randy Lerch

We, do so resolve, to be reliable starting pitchers. We will promise to wipe down the exercise bike after every use. We will promote the use of ice baths and other new technology instead of those pain pills. We will take our cortisone shots like men and not cry. We also resolve to pitch every 4th day with our off-days being productive for maintaining our bodies and minds with poetry readings and burlesque dancing. Lastly, we resolve to shave for spring training and only grow facial hair during the appropriate time period (i.e. playoffs)...all other superstitions are still valid.

Lerch: I will still wear the same pair of underwear for every home start.
Christenson: I will never, ever, ever, ever tie my shoes between innings.

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