Jan 25, 2010

What Cures a Case of the Mondays for me?

I don't know about other people, but coming back from a weekend trip and having to go to work on Monday just puts me in a somber mood. The rest of the world is much more interesting compared to where I'm sitting now. Imagine a yellow hole....add a computer...and you have my office. Not that I'm complaining about it...it's just not an uplifting setting. This is when and why I turn to my uploaded scans and talk about Phillies cards. These cards are from the generous hand of Brian at Play at the Plate. One of these days I'll have some worthwhile Rangers to send you (I'm completely out after our last trade).

First, he included some cards from the much-maligned 2008 UD Documentary set (now going for $20 per hobby box online). Of course, it documents the most glorious of seasons, 2008 (not that I'm biased or anything). I would say that putting these cards together with the backs showing would be a better way to present them. The player photos on the front are superfluous.

Cole Hamels is dreaming about finding a way to get his BABIP down this year. Advanced stats say he didn't have a down year in 2009, but you could see he was struggling with something. It wasn't his command necessarily, but Hamels wasn't mentally all there for the latter part of 2009. Come back with another pitch for 2010, Cole.

And here's long-time Phillie Bobby Abreu in mini form from the original Topps 206 set in 2002. I was just thinking that Bobby Abreu (except for an all-star starting appearance in 2005) has been one of the most underappreciated players despite putting up consistent stats for 10 years. At his peak, he was a step or two below Vlad Guerrero in terms of production.

The Phillies traded him in mid-2006 to the Yankees in what could only be characterized as a salary dump trade, receiving nothing of consequence in return (this was pre-ordained at the time of the deal). Since that time, the Phillies have made 3 consecutive postseasons. While Abreu was with the team, they came tantalizingly close during the years 2001-2005 without success. Is this a coincidence or causation thing? Or is it because the Phillies just had terrible outfield defense for many years? Later (in the next couple of weeks), we will examine the "Abreu Effect"...in as complicated a manner as possible.

Thanks Brian!

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