Jan 22, 2010

1991 Stadium Club Series 1: Printed on Kodak Paper

Yes, that was the selling point of Stadium Club when it first emerged as the first "premium" Topps set in 1991. And it worked. Packs soon hit $3.00 in some areas especially with Griffey, Thomas, and the Nolan Ryan tuxedo card in the 1st series. I found this pack for $1.00 a while back, and it's the first time I've ever opened a series 1 pack of the premier Stadium Club edition....from the future. I will just let the images speak for themselves. Do you see 1990 Topps doing this? Didn't think so.

You don't see mustaches like Wayne Edwards's anymore. It must be out of style or something.

Two Hall-of -Famers here...the baby-faced Biggio and the Pudge-faced Fisk, looking especially vintage in this shot.

Do you miss the Expos? I'm not sure if I miss the team, but I do miss the hat, as modeled by a pensive Larry Walker.

You're safe Daryl Boston...sliding into third with a stand-up triple.

I'm off to the snow for the weekend. See you later.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

91 Stadium Club was awesome. From the photos to the players, a great set.