Jan 11, 2010

Poll Results and New Poll

Thank you to the five of you who voted in the first ballot-building poll. Ted Simmons was the most popular choice, followed by Bob Johnson. I know that Billy Pierce has a dedicated following too. No matter, all 7 will go on the ballot.

Up next is a new poll with 5 names. Of these five, 3 will proceed to the ultimate ballot. These will then be profiled in the same manner as the first 7.

The five are from varying eras and have varying skillsets. Here's a brief presentation of their careers.

Dave Stieb: 176-137 3.44 ERA (122 ERA+) over 16 seasons, 1669 K
Bobby Grich: .266/.371/.424 (125 OPS+) over 17 seasons,1033 R, 224 HR, 2nd baseman
Norm Cash: .271/.374/.488 (139 OPS+) over 17 seasons, 1st baseman, 377 HR, 1101 RBI
Jim McCormick: 265-214 with 2.43 ERA (118 ERA+) over 10 seasons (1878-1887), 1704 K
Dwight Evans:.272/.370/.470 (127 OPS+) over 20 seasons, 385 HR, 1384 RBI, rightfielder

So vote for your favorites! You have until the end of the week.

1 comment:

Collective Troll said...

I am a HUGE fan of Billy Pierce...That said, with the current options I would go with Bobby Grich. I don't think he is Hall worthy, but he is certainly among the best who aren't in there