Jul 20, 2009

2009 Topps Series 1 Retro Blaster Break Part 1

I was venturing through uncharted territory lately in places off the beaten track, where as in many places, a Target was located. This Target was different than others that I have seen. It had a fully stocked card aisle, reaching back into the yesteryear of...2008. And I also felt the pull to go back in time....I wanted a 1979 Topps pack, but all I had to soothe this itch was a Topps retro blaster: (UPC code 1-825-50-12-9). Set the wayback machine to March when Series 1 was still around.

Thanks to those who cracked the UPC code code before, otherwise I would not have known to pick this one out, to experience the faux retro goodness of changed Topps logo and a gray cardboard stock on the back. Silver foil is not retro, so these are really half retro....let's say they're from 1994 instead of reminiscent of 1979.

Pack 1
94-Adam Lind
177-Eric Hinske
138-Ubaldo Jimenez
299-Cole Hamels postseason highlights

TTT20-Lance Berkman ToppsTown
66-Dustin Pedroia MVP
126-Orlando Hudson
31-Ian Stewart

Pack 2
59-Eric Gagne
41-Mike Mussina
100-David Wright
105-Francisco Liriano

TTT11-Nick Markakis ToppsTown
292-Francisco Cervelli RC
84-Rod Barajas
131-Joe Torre

Pack 3
82-Miguel Cairo
135-Carlos Delgado
290-Albert Pujols
LG3-Christy Mathewson
TTT21-Chipper Jones
22-Longoria and Price Classic Combo
91-Cody Ross
7-Mickey Mantle

Pack 4
269-Hunter Pence
185-Randy Johnson

197-Ronnie Belliard
12-Andrew Carpenter RC
TTT18-Miguel Cabrera ToppsTown
65-Mike Pelfrey
257-George Kotteras RC
192-Collin Balester

Pack 5
160-Evan Longoria (trophy)
305-Ivan Rodriguez

54-Dusty Baker
9-Dallas McPherson
10-Dan Uggla
TTT7-Hanley Ramirez ToppsTown
307-Burnett/Santana/Halladay AL Strikeout Leaders
89-Lester and Bay Postseason Highlights

Pack 6
179-Rafael Furcal
63-Josh Outman RC (and out for the season)
330-Daisuke Matsuzaka
323-Vicente Padilla
TTT19-Carlos Quentin
104-Brandon Moss
96-Dexter Fowler RC
293-Brian Bixler

Stay tuned for Part 2 with some final thoughts.


Jeremy said...

Those Brandon Moss and Evan Longoria cards are nice.

Jim said...

I wish Topps had taken the extra step of going without the silver foil.