Jul 17, 2009

The World Series Phillies Project: Update 4

Here's a quick update for one of the objectives of the ubiquitous World Series Phillies project. Basically, almost everything I'm collecting is dedicated to this at the present time, but I'm always interested in other things. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to sort this? By player? By year? In binders? Wall display?

Here's an update, Steve Carlton '70s style.

Here's a 1978 Topps Carlton with a not very flattering portrait; it seems to have been bright spring day.

Here is a commemoration of Carlton leading the league in victories with a ridiculous 27 wins for a 59 win team, almost 46% of the total team victories! Also pictured is the spitball master and one of the original knuckle masters. Don't the White Sox look strange with red hats?

A mustached Carlton (along with a miniature doppelganger) is hurling the cowhide in a 1976 Topps representation. It's a good expression of the old Phillies 'P' that I remember growing up with.

Here's a grimacing Carlton in a 1974 Topps card as he reflects on a 20 loss season.

My Carlton collection for the '70s is nearly complete; I will be putting together a definitive list in the near future. If only I were left-handed....then I wouldn't be an engineer.

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Jim said...

I like the idea of grouping the cards together by player in binders. For example, you could have a 1980 World Champs binder with the Carltons grouped together, the Schmidts grouped together, the Morelands grouped together . . . Thanks for the update on your progress!