Jul 3, 2009

My All-Star Ballot...Without Looking

I am now submitting my blind all-star ballot. I doing this without stats in front of me like I normally do or even a list of box scores from the previous night's game. This is based on a set of criteria I will now call "the want factor". I want to see the most enjoyable, best players for a competitive game (during the first three innings).

In short, my ballot:


C: Joe Mauer: simply amazing defensively and offensively
1B: Kevin Youkilis: Only because he shaved his goatee (I think)
2B: Ian Kinsler: It's all about the mop of hair
3B: Evan Longoria: But only with two healthy hamstrings
SS: Derek Jeter: I don't like him, most don't like him, but he is an all-star
OF1: Ichiro: he brings panache, the best quotes, and a rocket arm
OF2: Carl Crawford: Can we say speed demon?
OF3: Jason Bay: For the power

C: Brian McCann: He's good and annoying
1B: Albert Pujols: Poised for an inner circle HOF career
2B: Chase Utley: is the man
3B: Mark Reynolds: David Wright is a Met and therefore, can not be first on my ballot
SS: Hanley Ramirez: his steals have gone down, but his impact has not
OF1: Ryan Braun: all hail the Hebrew Hammer
OF2: Justin Upton: he has flair and still has not reached his full potential
OF3: Raul Ibanez and Jayson Werth: here's to hometown ballot stuffing and stacking the field so the NL might win a game if they had 10 men on the field.

Any disagreements or comments? Bring them my way.

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