Jun 30, 2009

The World Series Phillies Project: Update 3

I was able to procure some Phillies cards from the world's biggest virtual bidzone, all in furtherance of that inconveivable goal explained here. With great help from the gentleman at the The Phillies Room, I have been able to focus and cull for these elusively common cards.

First, is two veteran Phillies from 1983 Topps: Larry Christenson,a league average pitcher for his career and Garry Maddox covering his customary 33% of the Earth.

Here's two legends presented in 1987 Topps form. I always thought the White Sox logo looked like matchsticks for some reason.

Then, here is my 9 favorite cards from the 1979 Topps team set (in no particular order)

Tug McGraw does believe and it's because he was awesome.

No one can part Tim McCarver from his chaw, not even Joe Buck.

The Bull swung a mean bat and makes a mean BBQ. Check out those baby blue uniform.

Bob Boone's record has now been surpassed twice. He's a 3rd place catcher now.

Mike Schmidt has to squint, three straight division titles would make you do that to see your opponents below you.

Here's a happy hatless team at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, FL.

Warren Brusstar is rockin' the middle reliever 'stache with aplomb. You wouldn't want to mess with him in the middle innings.

Lonnie Smith is sporting the bette noir rookie look, sandwiched between two players I am not familiar with. Smith would later come back to haunt the Phillies as an Atlanta Brave and St. Louis Cardinal.

Here's Lefty being Lefty with a slider incoming.

There's the update...may it continue to expand.


Brad said...

I got you a 2005 Donruss Mike Schmidt Jersey card.. its nice

Dan said...

Thanks Brad! Can't wait to see it.